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We believe people should have the opportunity to design their lives in collaboration with others. The Digital Discovery Workshops are based on ideas that generate collaborative, design-based democracy and enable a variety of exciting & challenging projects. 

SORT is dedicated to breaking up the journey of waste to landfill. Instead, we see waste as a valuable resource! 


The Digital Discovery Workshops explore the technologies that will redirect the current system toward separation and recovery. This means workshops are scenario-based, as we build knowledge and initiatives that will be applied to the SORT System together.

Digital technology such as robotics, sensors, and data mining are entering our day-to-day lives and developing at rapid rates. In the Digital Discovery Workshops we use technology designed with people and apply it to one of the biggest global challenges today – our waste. 


Community members of all ages are invited to work with SORT as we explore and design our digital futures.

  AGE 8 - 12  

The world is rapidly changing. When your grandparents were young they didn’t have television, let alone mobile phones or the internet! Just like your grandparents, the world you'll know as a 'grown up' will be vastly different to the one you know today. 


The future is full of exciting changes, but it holds lots of challenges, too. What kind of job will you have when you grow up? Chances are it doesn't exist yet! Take a peek through our window to the future and join us as we explore + discover the possibilities in the world of computers and robots. 


The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the Australian job market is undeniable, yet not fully understood. These workshops aim to complement the current programs within the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum. Kids will explore tools, such as robots, sensors, 3D printers, computer visions and coding, presenting complex AI themes in a way that is both age appropriate and fun.  

  AGE 13 - 17  

Design is a powerful tool that silently shapes and scripts the world around us. Though often obscure and unnoticed, design is a pervasive and uniquely human capability. Intertwined with all aspects of our day-to-day lives, design mediates how we move, eat, learn and communicate. These workshops will be energetic, fun and experimental, with projects based around one of the biggest global challenges to date; waste.​

This workshop series combines design thinking, systems thinking and problem solving. With access to our lab of exciting, emerging technologies you will be able to build on your foundational skills to design for future local and global challenges. 


Through project-based learning this workshop allows innovators, like you, to lead the West End district’s future community. Embrace social challenges with SORT and view the world around you through a different lens.


Systems thinking is a way of seeing the world, seeing the system as a whole, and seeing the relationship between others. This course will give you a different perspective on how to view things, highlighting the ontological role of design within systems. Together we'll explore the ways the world operates and the non-linear organisations within it – how can you gain greater control of systems?


Envision your future community within a smart city. This all starts in your home, how can you control your immediate system and design your environment?


The new SORT System gives householders agency over their discarded resources, providing them with the data they need to make choices. Data like this can assist with many decisions in the home and the community. We can watch over our children’s health by monitoring construction dust and exhaust emissions. We can make better development decisions by recapturing and extrapolating traffic data. We can maintain the health of our household and community gardens by tracking soil moisture.


The products, actions, and systems that make up our societies are all designed outcomes of perceived needs. If we own and share data, communities can find new ways to improve public health and city liveability. 

SORT's Digital Discovery Workshop Catalysts are local experts with a passion for design, digital technology, data, environmental science, community and the arts. They work with us to develop and design compelling learning experiences for our local community. 


As a Robotics Mentor, Meg has helped organise and facilitate regional robotics events. She has mentored and accompanied students to competitions locally, interstate, nationally and internationally. Meg sees a need for change in traditional schooling techniques, interested in multi-aged classrooms, project based and hands on, student led learning.


Combining Meg's extensive teaching experience and Lucy's design thinking expertise, these workshops are the result of a close collaboration. Lucy is the design lead of SORT's community workshops and has a bachelor degree in Design Futures (Hons). Her experience in service design inside and outside SORT exemplifies an exciting and emerging career path for responsible designers working toward social innovation.


Madeline, BBus (Ec), is passionate about digital mechanisms for direct action at an individual and municipal level. As a founder of Bloom Technologies, she works with emerging technologies and concepts such as Blockchain, open governance, and data ownership. Madeline is actively working on The SORT System™ and has previously acted as a panel moderator for Colloquia Sundays.

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